Simplicity is key to living a life of Freedom, thus the four cards you choose are to be read as past, present, future and guidance.


To help tune in, before each reading, read the Freedo Journey poem 


Take the cards, hold them and allow your mind to naturally go to an area of your life. Do not try to force this; just allow, take your time, whatever comes to you, whether it appears to be relevant or not, this is the area of your mind that needs to be revealed. Choose one word (SYMBOL) to represent that area. Pick the four cards however you wish, by looking at the images or keeping them hidden, shuffle the cards or don’t, this is your choice. 


Reading Each Card


Each card has an interpretation, affirmation and guidance. Connect with the image and more information will reveal itself to you on many levels. 


The affirmation is to help you with your current situation, read it regularly when-ever you want to connect to your chosen Symbol. 

The triangle at the top represents the energy of yin and yang. The colour being either Grey which means balanced energy, white meaning Yang energy and black, Yin energy.

The triangle at the bottom represents energy similar to that of the chakras, Red – Physical, Orange – Emotions, Yellow – Personality, Green – Heart, Blue – Mind, Indigo – Soul, Purple/Violet - Source


There are twenty five cards, each one is a step on your life path, each one taking you closer to living your dream. 


Use these cards on a regular basis, the more you read them, the deeper your relationship will become, the more understanding you will gain, and the better help they will be, giving you more insights and realizations to help transform every aspect of your life experience.  


Good luck on your journey to freedom, 


Gary and Bob