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BEYOND VANITY with Freedo HEART DREAMING (Interactive Webinar)

BEYOND VANITY with Freedo HEART DREAMING (Interactive Webinar)
BEYOND VANITY with Freedo HEART DREAMING (Interactive Webinar)

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BEYOND VANITY with Freedo HEART DREAMING (Interactive Webinar) 

BEYOND VANITY is a theme based on the 25 Journeys in Freedo, Game of Alchemy. Each Journey you play gives you new insights & realisations to live your dream   


So many people compete to look better than others, they have role models that spend their life beautifying themselves with products and services that gives them that perceived beauty they crave for.  

Health and inner happiness are often sacrificed in the pursuit of beauty.  

Some won’t go into public without make up, they’re hair looking pristine, perfectly clean and designer clothes. They won’t go out unless they look like they’ve stepped out of a magazine.  

All this is of course one perception of beauty, and if one enjoys this, then great. But what about the ones who don’t? They never feel truly beautiful because the decision of what is beautiful lays in the hands of the fashion industries, creating expensive products, clothes and lifestyles that are too costly for most.  

What is beauty anyway?  

And what is it to go beyond vanity? 

During this journey we will be creating our own Power Symbols, followed by a heart ritual.  

When we deeply feel our inner beauty, we will feel truly happy.  

Here’s a little taste of HEART DREAMING http://www.freedo.guru/heart 

Take home tools to help you discover more about yourself, ways to improve your life and help global transformation  For more info about Freedo and feel free to have a free reading here at www.freedo.guru 

I appreciate you reading this and considering coming to play Freedo with us. 

See you soon 


Webinar  We will be meeting via Skype, you can use video or audio. I will be guiding the group through an interactive “Money” Freedo Journey (details given on the Facebook group).  You are welcome to join 10 mins earlier if you want to say hi and have a catch up.  

Booking To book simply register here that you're attending and you'll be added to this Skype Webinar.  

Donation  Whether you pay nothing or a million you are equally valued.    

FREEDO Creators  Gary co-created Freedo with Bob Chandler in 2008,  based on their combined experience in the fields of mind, body and soul exploration. You’re welcome to have free readings at www.freedo.guru and also join one of several retreats we create around the world each year.  

Testimonials Another Freedo Journey hunting the shadow with our most regular beautiful group  It was for me very painful and playful. Thank you Gary Winer for facilitating so well, I loved the psychodrama, being my own dad was a different and challenging experience and it change my perspective and shifted my energy, I started to feel grounded and after the workshop on my way home while walking through a big crowd I was amazed how I could get them out of my way without any effort they were literally moving away with only my presence. I truly recommend Freedo as it heals my soul. ~ Lina Jadao, Story Teller  

Gary is a very inspiring teacher and leaves you thinking how to reach your best potential you can from his workshops.  I would definitely recommend Freedo as I think everyone should try it out especially if you want to achieve a dream or explore your mind further 🤩 I see myself going on many more retreats and attending as many Freedo classes as I can.  Thank you Gary. You really helped me make the most of my time in Thailand  - Louise Nicola Wright  

Thank you, Gary, for the gift of Freedo and just being you! Your workshops belong to my most precious experiences in Kophangan. Your intuition has always been on the point and I really appreciate your clarity, positivity, and authenticity. I enjoyed a deep journey into the own soul, getting out answers for a better understanding of self and life in a co-creative, interactive and very alive process with you and the group. I haven’t felt so close to my true self, my source, since a while and I am very happy to know that I can access it again and how. I am seriously thinking about doing a training.  - Kristina Lojewski

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