Sun, Feb 28 | Webinar

Freedo ~ Self Development Training (Interactive Webinar)

Come and join our Freedo Something Magic webinar and discover more about yourself!

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Feb 28, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

About the Event


Freedo ~ Self Development Training System   

Freedo is a Self Development Training System made up of 25 powerful processes. Each process helps you develop the ability to enhance your life.   Freedo is interactive, thought provoking & grounding. During the process you will discover more about yourself & how to enhance your life.  

You choose a part of your life you want to enhance. So you could pick anything that is important and relevant for you in your life. For example you may want to enhance your WEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, WORK, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, SELF,  ETC. You are then guided through one of the 25 Freedo Processes to help you develop the ability to enhance that part of your life.   During this session we will be working with one called SOMETHING MAGIC.    

Magic is simply everywhere. It’s amazing when we connect to magic we create the best possible outcomes.   

Magic is where something happens without anyone knowing how.   

Imagine someone saying something sweet to you, doing something nice, helping and supporting you in the most incredible ways.   

The amazing thing is when a person truly wants to do those things all they need is a inner command that comes from themselves.   

Although this sounds like manipulating others thoughts and feelings, in truth, if you can do this, it will also benefit them too. That’s the magic.   

We will be journeying with kinesiology followed by a daily breathwork ritual.   

Come join us in this journey into the magic of the universe.   

Take home these amazing techniques and rituals to discover more about yourself, ways to develop yourself, improve your life and help global transformation.    

Here’s a little taste of Freedo SOMETHING MAGIC 

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I appreciate you reading this and considering journeying with us.  

See you soon   



Whether you give nothing or a million, Freedo appreciates and values you equally   


Bookings are necessary, so book your place   

About Freedo  

Freedo is a Self Development System made up of 25 processes. 

Each process consists of a reading, journey and ritual.  

Freedo is designed to be interactive, thought provoking & grounding, helping you understand more about yourself and your life.  During the process you will discover more about yourself & how to improve your life.   

Some benefits for yourself:   Release Fear & Anxiety, Embody Love & Happiness, Increase Confidence & Motivation, More Clarity, Focus & Stability, Clearer Communication & Direction.   Some benefits for your life:  Healthier Relationships, Successful Career, Improved Wellbeing, Increased Wealth, More Interests, Social Fulfilment, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Development.   

Each one of the Freedo processes consists of a guided meditation, life reading, mind & body exercise, daily ritual, learning affirmation & action step.   


Another Freedo Journey hunting the shadow with our most regular beautiful group. It was for me very painful and  playful.   Thank you Gary Winer for facilitating so well,  I loved the psychodrama, being my own dad was a different  and challenging experience and it change my perspective and shifted my energy,  I started to feel grounded and  after the workshop on my way home while walking through a big crowd I  was amazed how I could get them out of my way without any effort they were literally moving away with only my presence.  I truly recommend Freedo  as it heals my soul.

~ Lina Jadao, Story Teller    

Gary is a very inspiring teacher and leaves you thinking how to reach your best potential you can from his workshops.  I would definitely recommend Freedo as I think everyone should try it out especially if you want to achieve a dream or explore your mind further. I see myself going on many more retreats and attending as many Freedo classes as I can. Thank you Gary. You really helped me make the most of my time in Thailand

~ Louise Nicola Wright   

Thank you, Gary, for the gift of Freedo and just being you!  Your workshops belong to my most precious experiences in Kophangan. Your intuition has always been on the point and I really appreciate your clarity, positivity, and authenticity. I enjoyed a deep journey into the own soul, getting out answers for a better understanding of self and life in a co-creative, interactive and very alive process with you and the group. I haven’t felt so close to my true self, my source, since a while and I am very happy to know that I can access it again and how. I am seriously thinking about doing a training. 

~ Kristina Lojewski

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