• Gary Winer

A definitive guide to overcoming your fears.

Updated: Jan 19

Fear is one of those universal symbols that paralyses the mind and body. It literally stops us, holds us back from being in our true power.

The thing about FEAR is that we can take control of it, we can disable it, or even use it to help us.

For some, FEAR is a friend, when we need to move forward, put FEAR behind us and see how fast we will run in the other direction.

Put FEAR into our enemy and we suddenly have control over them.

The way to control FEAR is to step into it, rather than keep away.

Once inside we take back control, we move, it moves. Imagine putting a glove on your hand, you control the glove. Same goes for FEAR.

One of the Freedo Journeys is called BODY FORMING. Its a a bit like Yoga, in the way we create body shapes to represent different symbols.

it’s time to begin your journey and sort a problem that has been our enemy for far too long.

As we embody FEAR, we blend with it, there is no separation anymore, we become one, in harmony. We move, FEAR moves.

Imagine a car, where we are outside of it, the car can be dangerous for us if it hits us, we are not strong enough to stop the car or control it, BUT, get into the car, and we are now in the drivers seat.

So, as long as we stay outside of FEAR, it will always be our master, go into it, and we become it’s master.

To journey through BODY FORMING with FEAR, go to our website and play the Game of Life.

Begin our journey into FEAR, and become the master of our destiny.

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