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Become a Freedo Card Reader

When I started learning Tarot I found it fascinating that I could help people understand their issues and desires, by using the card symbols.

I was inspired by Tarot amd Oracle cards to create my own version that blended both systems into one.

Freedo Cards have the cosmic journey of Tarot, combined with the random magic of Oracle.

I have been all around the world giving readings at festivals, workshops and retreats, I give readings online and face to face. It’s been a wonderful way for me to help others while earning a living in my own time.

I can be anywhere in the world and do this easily. It allows me to travel to warm places in the British winter and meet new amazing people.

if you’re interested in becoming a Freedo Card Reader, I have created a simple way to train, as fast as you like, between 1-8 weeks and a cost as low as £10 per training session.

For more info go to

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