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Secrets to better sex - learn easy ways to improve your sex life in 5 minutes

Updated: Jan 19

We all have various experiences of sex, some good, others bad, a few awful and a few incredible. What if we could make every sexual experience incredible? Wouldn't that be amazing!

Amazing Sex is a dance

Imagine dancing the tango with someone who moves faster or slower than you, or who's rhythm doesn't match yours, it will be a mess

Incredible sex takes time

When you are hungry and make a quick meal and then stuff it down like there's no tomorrow, you are missing out on the joy of preparing that meal with the best ingredients, the foods you love, and then eating it in a lovely space, slowly enjoying each mouthful as much as possible, not ever wanting it to end

Sex is the same, when you and your partner match speed, rhythm and energy, pure bliss is achieved

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