• Gary Winer

Facing Your Demons.

Updated: Jan 19

We all know that feeling that scares the XXXX out of us.

When we are facing something that makes us go into fear, we literally feel stuck in our thoughts and body, unable to think or behave the way we would like to.

This is our old friend, the shadow, known by other names too. He is the one that expresses into our lives through other people, like the school bully, horrible boss, scary stranger. It can also express through our work and relationships.

When we hate something we have to do, like pay a bill or deal with an issue, we go into this fear mode.

The good thing is, we can change this. Just like a guard dog is fear to a stranger, to its master, it's a best friend. The master uses the dog for protection and friend.

It's the same for our own fear, the fear is a stranger to us, and us to the fear. So in order to change how we feel and act, we must learn to tame the fear, to become its master and use it to help us.

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