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Freedo Spirit Training on the Beach

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We had a lot of fun doing Freedo Spirit Training on our Freedo Retreat 2019, in Spain, on a beautiful beach in Estepona

Being thrown around on a beach by a stunning goddess is hard to beat. My student had lots of previous experience in body movement arts, so she grasped Freedo immediately, and before I knew what was happening, I was being thrown here, there and everywhere. It was great fun, and doing Freedo out in nature was amazing.

The concept of this particular Freedo journey is you move and the other follows, but they are trying to resist. While the normal physical strength struggles doing this, when we connect to our spiritual power, it becomes very easy indeed.

Try it yourself, try lifting a heavy bag with one or two fingers, make it hard to do but not too hard. It should feel pretty challenging. Next, try connecting to your spirit, don’t over think what this should feel like, simply know that you are doing it, even if your unsure, keep your faith that you are connecting, and the practice is to stay connected through the whole process of you lifting the bag.

If you are connecting to you spirit, you will find it easier to do, compared to just using your physical strength.

As you practice, your body cell memory changes, you are programming the body to be able to connect to spirit more easily.

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