• Gary Winer

Heart Dreaming

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Organised chaos

This is a symbol I created to represent freedo for me.

I did the Freedo Heart Dreaming Journey that symbolises our dreams. Dreams are inspirational and help us stay motivated.

A dream is not meant to be reality, it’s far bigger than that, it’s the impossible that makes the possible manifest.

Dreams are kept in our heart until will bring them out.

Dreaming is all about teaching for the moon and beyond, it’s about breaking boundaries

Dreams are visual, showing us the bigger picture.

my symbol of Freedo is about the complex working together with a common goal. Held together by a strong centre and vision. Allowing extreme creativity express beyond limitations yet held and shaped by a soul with one purpose..... freedom

I drew this symbol on a Freamer, like a dream catcher, I will hang this up and let it catch my dreams and turn it into my reality 🌈

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