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How to beat Corona

At present Corona is winning, it’s creating global fear.

Corona is destroying faith in human potential.

Corona is controlling human freedom to travel and meet others.

Those in power are using Corona to manipulate and benefit from others.

Corona is a powerful symbol of evil, it is destroying humanity as we know it.

The irony is that we are the ones giving it power.

YES, we actually have the power to give and take away.

The law of polarity is tipping on the side of darkness, but there is a way to re-balance the scale of harmony.

The law of polarity is that both light and dark are always in balance. There is positive and negative at play everywhere.

To re-balance, we must find both the positive in the negative and the negative in the positive.

Here is a taster of how to do it...

Whats the negative about Corona?

Whats the positive about that?

Whats the negative about that?

If you want to go deeper and finally change the balance of Corona, ask me to take you through this process in more detail.

The process takes an hour and can be done in a group or individual one to one via Skype or telephone.

Contact me here at

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