• Gary Winer

Self Empowerment - A Simple Guide To building your Self Esteem

Updated: Jan 19

At some points in my life I have had low self esteem, feeling that I’m not good enough, not as good as others, at business, at relationships etc. This feeling stopped me from doing the things I wanted to, I would think things are too hard for me to do, giving myself excuses not to do them. Then I began to learn what true confidence was, it wasn’t about me having more skills or faking it. It was about me accepting myself as perfect in the way that I already was, and this realisation gave me a feeling of confidence in being who I already was. I felt I was enough as I was, and that gave me a power, power to do those things I always wanted to without anything stopping me, and amazing magic started to happen. I created new businesses, found my soul twin and my life changed a lot, just from me being able to accept my own perfection. So I suggest you too should accept your perfection, you are more than enough, you are good enough as you are. Accept your self as you are, this is your power.

Gary Winer ~ Freedo Guru

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