• Gary Winer

The Master Key To Self Love

Updated: Jan 19

Most of us are looking for love, or at least the feelings that help us feel loved. Feeling loved is a wonderful feeling, it helps us feel more secure and confident to be ourselves and follow our dreams.

The ultimate form of love is of course the love we give ourselves, because firstly we can give love to ourself when ever we wish. We can also give the love we need, like eating the food we love most, going on holidays to the places e want to go to, and even pampering ourselves in the way we choose. We can watch and read what we like and when we like. We are the key to our ultimate self love. When we give ourselves the love we deserve, something magical happens, others are attracted to us, they want to know our secret, because everyone wants love, its the most valuable thing anyone can have, more Tham all the things money can buy.

Love is the ultimate gift that we can give ourselves, so the next time you feel you need some love, simply ask yourself, what can I gift myself right now, then give it with an open heart.

Love yourself, you deserve to be loved in the best possible way.

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