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Transforming Covid

Covid has taken over as the majority of the world is captive, the economy for most people has crashed and fear is making people physically and mentally sick, there is only one thing to do.... TRANSFORM

Whether Covid is true, fake, planned or natural, we must use this opportunity for positive change. As the economic power clashes head on with spiritual awareness, our future depends on the population to step up and step into themselves to find true harmony and elevation.

This Covid story is no different to many other stories in history, where the few seek to control the many, and throughout time, they have created more efficient ways to do this.

People are surprised by this notion that there are people that will actually go to in-humane measures to gain power and control, but one only needs to read the history books to see this is true. Some will go to any lengths to have this power.

In this day and age, it’s no longer religion that is used for this, money took over, and now a new tool for power has emerged, technology, digital human transaction. This technology just like religion and money can be used for good and evil.

The law of polarity is at a critical stage in evolution, good and evil has become closer than ever, people finding it harder to distinguish between the two. People fighting over their idea of what’s true.

There is an answer, where this new technology and spirituality can meet, can recognise they are in fact part of each other.

The real power has always been with the people, they just never new it.

I will be discussing the how to do this in a

Freedo Talk, you can access this talk anytime...

To register go to and find Transforming Covid

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